Quality surplus laser optics, lenses, and mirrors at bargain prices

Our Mission:

To facilitate expanding the frontiers of photonics by providing quality optical components at bargain prices.   We want to be your preferred first choice when looking to purchasing surplus optics and delight when they can extend their mission.  We believe that connecting high quality optics to hobbyists, universities, and small companies is the best way to re-purpose optics and allows for amazing savings if the need and supply is connected.   Having decades of experience with optics we will not sell what we would not use ourselves.

A lot of hidden treasures...

Much of what we have takes a little detective work to organize, find the specs, and offer to you.  If you are looking for something, such as a radius mirror for NIR, beamsplitter to reflect a certain percentage of a hot/cold dichroic mirror to transmit/reject certain wavelengths it would be worth your time to drop us an email. 

We would love to partner with you!

Please send an email to what lenses and other surplus optics you are looking for, wavelengths of interest, size, surface quality/flatness, reflectivity, etc.   Sterling532@aol.com