Customer Testamonials


 "The description of the lens on the Sterling web page was accurate to the letter.

The quality of the product was understated in their description, if anything. The next 

time I start looking for optics to build another scope, I will start my search at 

Sterling Resale Optics."  

          Woody Montier, astronomer 

          US Virgin Islands 


Telescope performance:  6" Jaeger performance 


"I expected the SRO mirror to work well at 632.8 nm - and the results were most impressive. 

The circulating power appeared to be higher than anything tested previously with only a 

small fraction of a mW of output.  Its reflectivity is certainly better than 99.95 percent." 


          Samuel M. Goldwasser, electro-optical guru and mentor, founder of Sam 's Laser FAQ

           Wayne, PA    



"SRO is a gem!   Highest quality surplus laser equipment at great prices!   I've purchased $2 mounts 

and $1200 dollar optics, and everything looks new!"    


           Chris Yakymyshyn, professor   

          Montana State University

"I focused 40 watts CW onto one of your high power 532 nm laser mirrors.  The damage
threshold exceeded that of other commercial mirrors.  No need to order from Newport or CVI again."   

           Floyd Rollefstad, President
          Laser Fantasy International

"Good products, an excellent company to deal with!   Quick, efficient, well packed
shipments.  Recommend to anyone looking for great optics at equally great prices."   

           Don Buckle, entomologist   
          Saskatoon, Canada


  "The 8" diameter aluminum mirror described as better than 1/4 wave  is closer to 1/8 wave flat.     The 4" zerodur mirror is an impressive  1/15 wave flat.     Thanks for these beautiful optics."    

           Shigeto Hirabayashi, optics person at large   

"The sharp and color corrected images of your achromat lenses make star gazing a pleasure."     

           John Albrecht, astronomer
          The Lone Star State