Mission Statement

To provide the researcher with quality optics they need so that they can economically advance the frontiers in photonics. To reduce big program waste by allowing those resources to be used again priced so that any hobbyist or any organization can afford.

Company Philosophy

We believe that the serious researcher demands high quality optical components to do serious work. We know from experience the difference between premium grade optics and junk and therefore will not sell anything which we would not be proud of using in our own projects. Every effort will be made to supply performance information with optics sold on this site so that the buyer can use with complete confidence.

We believe our customers are looking for information not entertainment. Therefore we will not fill this site with animation effects which do not convey what the product is and what the performance specs are.

We believe that cost is a driver for every purchase. All items are sold at a fraction of manufacturers price :-) Therefore we will focus on minimizing our operating expenses by limiting frills :-(

We believe that no matter how good the quality of an optical component, it does you no service if it arrives damaged. Therefore we will carefully pack and ship with the care these items deserve. We will assume that these will be thrown 10 yards onto the shipping bin and that the package that lands on top of it outweighs it by a lot.

We believe that there is too much packing material that only makes one trip before it winds up in a landfill. We believe that is an unnecessary waste of resources. Therefore we will use only 100% post-consumer recycled packing materials.

We believe that each customer has a right privacy in this increasingly informationalized globe. Therefore we will not share customer information or e-mail addresses with any other organization. Period.

We believe that the customer has the right to make sure what they ordered is exactly what they expect without risk on their part. Therefore the customer has the right to return or exchange within 7 days of receiving.

We believe that we all have the responsibility to make a difference to better this planet. We believe that is best done at the individual and local level, and not from a beneath layers of government bureaucracy. Therefore we commit part of each sale to be used for direct charitable compassion.

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