Misc. Optics

Item Part # Size Vendor Cost Comment
Thermoplastic plate HC-301 For HC-300 holocamera NRC sold good condition
3 Plate Birefringent Filter (BRF) Laser frequency narrowing tuner for Coherent model 599 laser 40 GHz Coherent sold New p/n 0157-415-00
Reference Flat - 3.5" dia. Photo sold 1/20 wave flat dual sides
Slit lamp replacement bulb 900-930 Haag-Streit 6v 4.5A/27W(specs) Haag-Streit $15 new from old stock
Dispersion/diffuser plate 39-0023 (specs) 85mm x 85mm Linos Photonics $10 new
Trihedral Prism Retro-reflector Protected silver reflector with copper/black paint backing 63mm dia. x 42mm high 1/8 wave flat, 3 arc sec sold new
Half-wave plate 670 nm NHM-200-670 2"OD, 1.2" CA (specs) Meadowlark Optics $300 no sign of use


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Last Updated on 10/17/09