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Links To Manufactures

High quality laser optics.

Edmund Scientific
A fun place for the serious hobbyist or experimenter to browse around.

Melles Griot
High quality laser optics.

New Focus
Innovative components and research quality optics.

Newport Corporation
A standard for optics and mounting hardware.

Now joined with Newport, a great source for filters and specialized optics.

Well-priced optical mounts, laser diodes, and test equipment.

Other Links of Interest

Airline flight tracker
Graphically tracks flights and updates arrival information. Enter flight information and see progress as plane is flying.

California Solar Center
A starting point for getting information on renewable energy including residential photovoltaic systems.

Kentek Corporation
Supplier of laser safety products.

Laser Fantasy International
Leader in laser light shows for entertainment and education. Also a springboard into basics of lasers and other cool stuff.

Laser Resale Inc.
Sells and brokers used lasers of all types.

Laser Surplus Exchange
Used laser and laser systems.

Niņos de la Luz
An organization providing hope to homeless children in Venezuela. A portion of each sale is donated to their continued work.

AVLIS program overview
The promise of cheaper, cleaner nuclear energy using Cu vapor pumped dye lasers and tens of thousands of specialized optics.

A background and starting point for information about AVLIS, the proposed method of enriching uranium fuel using high power lasers at Lawrence Livermore National Labs.

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